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Air Conditioning

Residential Air Conditioning in Woodland, California

Looking for quality residential air conditioning in Woodland, California? For central air conditioning systems, mini-split air conditioners, indoor air quality, ventilation, and ductwork, call on Comfort Check Heating & Air Conditioning.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is the most and effective way to cool your home in California. This cool system is a natural choice. When used properly the system can circulate cool air throughout the ducts in your home ensuring that your summer is hot only for all the right reasons.

Mini-Split Air Conditioners

Mini-split air conditioners are different from the central air because they cool your home without the using the ducts. This leaves you with an energy efficient cooling system that gets the job done and keeps your home cool and comfortable.

Indoor Air Quality and Air Conditioning

Indoor air quality is impacted by your air conditioning system. The only way to ensure the system is working well is to test the air quality. This ensures your family is breathing safe, clean air whenever you’re at home. During the summer months, indoor air quality becomes an issue homeowners must understand. Brush fires, gas leaks, and a host of other mishaps connected to summer fun can put your family at risk.

Indoor air pollution is a serious issue. If incorrectly installed, maintained, and operated your system could be contaminated with dust, pollen and other debris. We help clean your air ducts, install an air filtration system, and ensure your family is breathing fresh, clean air.

Ventilation Systems and Ductwork 

The right ventilation system positively impacts the home cooling system. Let Comfort Check Heating & Air help you determine whether it’s time for an upgrade. Examining your current ductwork is the first step toward making sure you’re not wasting electricity by heating and cooling the outside accidentally.

Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Getting regular preventative maintenance for your air conditioning system is the best way to head off small problems before they become big problems. Here are some helpful hints to get the most from your HVAC system:

  • Residential Air Conditioning in Woodland, CaliforniaBuy the best filter you can. There are new high-efficiency filters with a charge that works as a magnet to pull the smallest pieces with one that carries bacteria.
  • Replace your filter at least every 90 days and inspect it monthly. If the filter looks dark or clogged, you should change it. This is an indication that filter will not work effectively. For pets owners, you may have to do this more often depending on the size and maintenance needs of your pet.
  • Give your system space. Make sure there is always 2 feet around your outdoor air conditioning units and your heating pumps. Every week during spring, summer, and fall, ensure you remove debris like twigs, pollen and leaves from around the outdoor air-conditioning units and heat pumps. When you mow the lawn don’t let the excess grass clippings fly in and around the unit.

Here are some of the tasks we’ll perform during your preventative maintenance service calls:

  • Check your refrigerant. It’s important to inspect the insulation on your refrigerant line. The lines lead into your house and should be replaced if they are missing or damaged.
  • Perform safety checks. Secure the outdoor air-conditioning units and heat pumps and make sure they are level and firmly placed on the ground with pads.
  • Sanitize the air conditioner. Regular cleaning of your unit helps to prevent the build-up of mold and algae to prevent clogging.

Comfort Check Heating & Air is dedicated to providing the best residential air conditioning service. We never cut corners but make sure to get the job done well. Our promise of honesty sets us apart from the rest. Click or call (530) 204-3927 today to schedule service for your residential air conditioning in Woodland, California.